ClassMate®, the student administration and curriculum management solution designed by diverse educators, serves as the answer for Career and Technical Education, Adult Education, Alternative Education and Special Education organizations.

ClassMate gives educators the ability to organize and analyze student performance, assessment and curriculum like never before. By implementing this centralized data system, administrators have the power to leverage a consistent tool across multiple program areas to standardize staff procedures, increase efficiency and boost productivity throughout their schools.

Beyond Features. Experience ClassMate

The only student administration and curriculum management system designed for unique schooling environments.

Centralize Student Data

From grades to certification hours and NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) scores, ClassMate gives you and your staff instant access to student data, all from a single point.

Cloud Hosted

ClassMate is hosted in the cloud. No expensive infrastructure required.

Make Scheduling Easy

Flexible registration and enrollment functions allow student services staff to customize a wide variety of student scheduling needs.

Record and monitor attendance:

ClassMate offers multiple methods for recording student attendance and absence conditions, by individual student, by a particular class, or with a specific school district in mind.

Map curriculum to career paths

From grades to certification hours and NOCTI (National Occupational Competency Testing Institute) scores, ClassMate gives you and your staff instant access to student data, all from a single point.

Simplify discipline referrals

With online referrals through ClassMate, you can take advantage of a paperless process of documenting student infractions from the classroom to the principal’s office, including suspension letters.

Access information from anywhere

When used in conjunction with LaunchPad, ClassMate’s innovative cloud-based instructional desktop, teachers and staff can access ClassMate anywhere and anytime, from any device connected to the Internet.

And much more!

From Online Registration to managing students’ medical records and parking permits, to creating parent portals and enabling school-home-communications, ClassMate add-on modules offer you even more ways to connect your constituents with data, resources and each other.

A Comprehensive Solution

Developed by experts, ClassMate has been refined for over 15 years. With supportive input of ClassMate’s customers, ClassMate gives educators the power to access and manage student data and deliver their curriculum, simply and seamlessly, from one centralized solution.

Career & Tech Education

Seamlessly integrate with your existing network and access your school files.

Alternative Education

Save files back to your network home folder on an iPad and other devices.

Special Education

Recover lost files and previous versions.

Adult Education

Use existing Active Directory Groups to assign permissions.

Online Registration,Tuition & Billing

Access is encrypted using ssl/https.

Parent & District Portals

Interested in reviewing your childs scheduled courses? Would you like to confirm if your child attended class today? What was his score on yesterdays quiz? Has she had any visits to the principals office?ClassMate Parent Portal can help.

ClassMate Reporting

Powerful reports at your fingertips. Understand the utilization of your system, applications, users.

In Depth Reporting

  • Attendance
  • Accounting
  • Grades
  • Billing
  • State Reporting

ClassMate: AE (Adult Education)

The ClassMate: Adult Education (AE) Student Management System is designed specifically for the unique requirements of Career Technology Education (CTE). From full-time Career Development programs to short-term Career Enhancement courses, as well as Customized Contract Training and Personal Enrichment classes, ClassMate helps institutions realize their goal of providing the best educational services to students, industry, and other members of the community.

Hosted in the Cloud

Access the system anywhere and at any time, as ClassMate: AE is a completely web-based system accessible via any internet browser.


Ensures the highest level of data security available, including comprehensive access management, transaction auditing, and multiple levels of data access.

Automated State Reporting

Automated State Reporting to remain in front of the ever-changing and unique regulatory reporting requirements of each state.

Mobile Access

Take attendance, view analytical data, etc. from supported mobile devices.

ClassMate Institute

ClassMate is committed to providing administrators, educators and staff from specialized educational environments such as Career and Technical Education, Alternative, Special and Adult Education with a variety of tools and resources which help pave the way to success. The documentation Site/Institute contains the most up to date classmate documentation in one spot and is updated regularly.